Creating Unforgettable Kids' Events - Where Dreams Bounce and Imagination Blooms!
At MarthanCo, we're not just event planners and floral designers; we're memory-makers for your little ones! Specializing in crafting magical experiences, we bring together the best of event planning, enchanting floral designs, and a whole lot of fun.

Tailored Wonder:
From superheroes to fairy tales, our events are custom-tailored to match your child's dreams. Our creative team works closely with you to design a celebration that not only looks magical but feels like a whimsical adventure.

Blooms of Delight:
Watch as your venue transforms into a kaleidoscope of colors with our enchanting floral designs. From playful arrangements to eye-catching centerpieces, our blooms add a touch of magic, creating an atmosphere that captivates both young hearts and grown-up smiles.

Bounce into Joy:
Take the fun to new heights with our bounce castles, Soft Play Areas and Buble Houses! Delightful, safe, and entertaining. Add an extra layer of joy to the celebration, ensuring that every child has a bouncing good time.

Creative Kids' Activities:
Our events aren't just about decorations; they're about engaging activities too! From face painting to craft stations, our activities are designed to keep the young ones entertained, sparking their creativity and ensuring a day filled with joy.

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